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Sunday September 20th 2009, 12:00 pm
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The header image is a photograph of a ceramic mosaic which can be found in the lobby of the Odegaard Undergraduate Library at the University of Washington, Seattle. I took the photo in summer 2009, when I was visiting scholar at the iSchool at UW.

The artist is Rachel Carpenter, she created this mural already in 1996 (see: http://archives.dailyuw.com/1996/121096/art.121096.html for more information). 

I like the image this artwork conveys, that you can literally reach the whole world through a “computer” – given the connections and networks.

Unfortunately I could not find any contact details of the artist to ask for permission to use this image as header for this blog. I did by no means want to infringe any copyright issues. If you are the artist and/or copyright holder of the artwork and would like me to take the header image offline, please contact me via celina[dot]raffl[at]sbg[dot]ac[dot]at.

This is the original photo of the mosaic:


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